Vectan Tubal 3000
Very bulky powder, and slower burning.
24.5 Grains
Case is nearly full.  Every single load from 55-77 grains is highly compressed using this powder with not even max charges.
Vectan Tubal 3000 (100 yards)
Hardly any load data for this powder, but we gave it a go.  We guessed super good on the loads too. 
With the last two 77 grain Berger OTM loads, it was so compressed that it left a dent in the ogive and loaded to ~13k longer than set OAL of press.  I set it to 2.250, and those last two were aboev 2.263 and barely fit in the magazine. 
The 22 grain load was good, that flyer was first shot, next 4 made a .4" group.  And 2665 out of a 20" barrel is just fine for Berger 77 OTM.

GREAT results with the 55 grain bullets.  3050-3090 FPS that are near 1/2"?  At 100 yards?  That is superb.  Th range plinking load would be 24 grains, and lower recoil and accurate. 

This powder is lower priced than many others, and as you can see, can be very accurate.  Happy with this powder.  Its not super temperature sensitive either.

It kind of looks like and is super bulky like IMR 3031, except this powder is vastly SLOWER burning than 3031.  Its comparable to something like...perhaps VV N135, and a little faster burning than perhaps IMR 8208 XBR.  Also comparable to Accurate 2460 in load data, perhaps. 

This is all at 100 yards.

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