Ever wondered about these things, for example:
  • Does primer brand matter for accuracy?
  • Are loads accurate at a certain FPS, regardless of powder/primer/brass?
  • What are effects on overall length on accuracy at same FPS?
  • How accurate is mixed brass loads vs same brass loads?
  • Are there loads that are accurate across many barrels/guns and just work "generally"?
  • Does weighing bullets for uniformity affect accuracy?
  • Does weighing brass for like weight affect accuracy?
  • Does precise weighing powder increase accuracy vs just metering it?
  • What are affects on accuracy with dirty bore vs clean bore?
  • Which powders are more accurate?  Stick, Extruded or Spherical (ball).
  • Which type of powder (Stick, Extruded or Spherical) has lowest standard deviation/Extreme spread?
  • What combination cleans brass exceptionally well?
BRASS topics & tests
Have you ever wondered...
What is a great brass cleaning method?
We can't find a better way...this is it.
Mixed Brass vs Same Brand?
We have a theory...click to see it!
This is 5 sets of 5 shots each mixed brass (mixed weights) versus 5 sets of same brand/same weight brass.
Primer topics & tests
Have you ever wondered...
SMALL PISTOL Primer Brands
Is there any difference in primer brands?  Accuracy, probably not much, but what about velocity? Does primer brand affect how much burnt residue is left on the case and gun?  We know the answer...click to see.
SMALL PISTOL Primer Accuracy #2
Larger test to confirm our theory that primer brand does not affect accuracy much.  But how much is "much?" 
SMALL RIFLE Primer Accuracy #1 W/Pistol Primer for fun!
Does using pistol primers on AR15 matter for accuracy, and does it even work?  And which Match grade primer is most accurate?  Lets see...
Barrel/Gun affects on Accuracy..
We think the largest difference in accuracy, is not with powder, primer, or brass, we think its trigger and barrel.  All these tests, trigger is not applicable because of our method, btu barrel is.  How much more accurate is a good barrel than a normal barrel? What about different match barrels? Are they all the same?
CZ Custom Shop
"Shadow Target" Match barrel
$1550 gun as pictured
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