SW Tactical Rifle 100 yards
Here is Tactical Rifle next to a couple other powders in its burn rate "area".  H322 is faster burning, and Shooters World Tactical Rifle is slower.  But as you can see, all 3 of these powders are better suited for lighter 5.56 bullets.

Shooters World Tactical Rifle is a dusty powder, similar to TAC, but faster burn rate than TAC, and I would say very similar to load data of more like Accurate 2230, but BARELY slower.  So leaning toward AA2230, between AA2460.

You can fit a lot of this in a case, so case capacity is not an issue and you could use this with "any grain bullet" in 5.56 from 40 to 80+ I am sure.

Tac Rifle made a decent showing for just trying 1 load, with the results here.  M855 is not an accurate bullet, so that group is totally acceptable.

The purpose of Tactical Rifle is not pure accuracy.  You want pure accuracy, you would not choose this.  This powder is inexpensive, meters SUPERBLY, burns clean, and has a FLASH SUPPRESSANT in it.  So no big fireballs out of the front.  Shooting near 1 MOA, and such a great value?

Its totally good to have plenty of this on hand, its a versatile, great value, overall good choice.

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