Suppressors on 9MM
When you put a suppressor on a firearm, it creates a blow back of gases and un-burned/powder residue back in your face, and or into your Red Dot optic causing it to become cloudy fast, and dirty, unclear.  So the question is simple:  What combination can I use, to try to eliminate this effect so the red dot stays more clear, and I don't get particles blowing in my face?  It is also nice to know, what combination is accurate?  Although, all are acceptable accuracy.  This is 25 yards. 
Tested 10 loads.  2 Bullets 147 Hornady on left, 124 Precision Delta on right

10 Shot groups, 124 Grain Precision Delta HP
On 3 of these groups, I rotated the can, so you can see how point of impact shift occurs.  So you want to make sure your Suppressor is "locked" in place, and doesn't spin when your shooting with it.

Accuracy is bi-product of this test.  We want to find and understand which powder burns CLEANER, so it doesn't cloud up your red dot and bombard your face with particles of powder.

Scroll down to bottom to see Graphic for cleanest, to dirtiest.
1= BEST.  No debri whatsoever, zero, zero particles, zero clouding from residue on red dot. 
10= Very dirty, waves of particles hitting your face, and making red dot cloud and get dirty making it harder to see out of it.

Now the concept I believe in, is in a general sense, these 2 guidelines, that are not absolute...but generally..
1) Less powder charge from a faster powder, generally will more fully burn and not produce as much blowback as double the powder and a slower powder.
2) Using Magnum primers helps more thoroughly burn the powder.  After all, isn't this why people recommend Magnum for larger powder charges, because it more completely burns it?  Exactly...same thing here, it can't hurt.

However, Manufacturers do NOT recommend you use Magnum Primers in non Magnum cartridges, so I DO NOT RECOMMEND IT.  After all, if you use a Magnum Primer, it will require "less" powder for same outcome than non magnum primer, and it varies.  So its not recommended!

10 Shot groups..147 Grain Hornady Bullets
Now, we can just say ALL these groups are good, and very acceptable.  This is 25 yards. All are about 2" (N350, or less BE86 less than 1 inch! LOL).  That BE86 is just absurd.  For a Defensive Handgun to be that accurate at 25 yards is totally not normal.  Not even match competition pistols for $3000 can replicate that 10 shot group consistently.  WOW.
Which is cleaner?
However, this test is about blow back, dirty...with suppressor.  What good is super accuracy when you can't even see out your red dot because its all clouded up with debris from shooting 10 shots?

So this makes sense mostly...You have faster powders "generally" being better, with stick powders standing out.  However, I don't know why Accurate #2, Cleanshot did not do better.  However, Accurate #2, Cleanshot AND Silhouette have a similar texture to them kind of like "fine sand" Small particles.  So when you shoot those 3, you get like "sand" splattered everywhere, badly. 

N320 and Sport Pistol? A pleasure to shoot.

Too bad BE86 doesn't burn as clean as N320, because DAMN that powder is good.  Like I said before, and I will say it again...Power Pistol is obsolete, use BE86.  Better.  BE86 is top tier 9MM powder, period.