Lighter than 80 Grain.
THIS IS 100 YARDS!! NOT 50!! like my normal tests!!
These are ALL 20k off the lands, nearly exactly.

Some 55 Grain bullets KEY HOLED!! and were not stable!!  55 grain is very iffy!!  So we learned generally, 55 grain is too light for 1:6.5 twist.  60-95 grain is the range I think.

Wow! take a look at some of those groups!!  RL15 with 77 SMK Moly!! That is a very tight group for any NON BOLT gun!!  5 SHOTS!  How about the Accurate 2460 groups too!  TAC pretty good!  Of course Norma 203B is good, its nearly the same as RL15!! 

That is a lot of groups SUB 1 MOA.  All less than 80 grain...

Then why is it I can't get groups sub MOA all day like this with the 80 grain + bullets?  Even when I put them exactly 20k off the lands?

I am starting to think its the heavy bullets themselves, the design.  because the moment I switch to Berger 77 OTM or 77 SMK, its sub MOA in the same range session.  Like a light switch.

So...if you want a great 100-200 FPS better than 5.56 NATO, using 77 grain bullets?  Valkyrie is what you want.

Berger 70 VLD @ 50 Yards
Seated 20k off the lands, Berger 70 VLD shoots good.  Remember this is all 50 yards.

10 MPH Wind that day I shot the Bergers.  That explains some of the left to right stringing you see.  I am pretty sure almost every group on this page is sub 1 MOA with no wind.

I'd probably take the Varget 25.8 or 26.1 loads.  Good enough.

No velocites.  I have 4 chrono's and WOW, I cannot consistently get the Magnetospeed to work.  I really don't like that thing at all.   Almost everytime I use it, its not consistently reading, no matter how I adjust it, with different risers, nothing I can do.  I bring out the old school "Shooting Chrony" works like a swiss watch.

There is no known load data for this, so I don't know what PSI all these are, but if I had to guess, I would say from about 52k to 60k perhaps.  Or maybe a little more.  26.4 TAC and 26.1 Varget getting up there.
The Bison Heavy 24" can shoot
This is a non SAAMI early barrel probably, its like 50k deeper throat, so all the bullets are seated longer to be closer to lands...20k away.

Look at that.  Near 2900 FPS using Berger 77 OTM?  That is SMOKING fast.  You would be lucky to get 2700 FPS in a 5.56 without pressure signs.  That is .63 MOA, .34 MOA at 2860 with RL15.

That is a good reason to get Valkyrie? 
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