So you want to start reloading?  What do we think you need to load?  Here is a guideline for you
GOOD:    You load under 500 rounds per year
BETTER:   You load from 501-1500 rounds per year
BEST:       You shoot more often, and load thousands of rounds per year
Browse down and see what we recommend are the parts/kits/objects needed for a "core" reloading setup.  This is the main items, there are things perhaps left out, this is just the main things we recommend.  The thing is, when you talk to people, they "think" what you "must have" and "nice to have" are subjective.  You can really reload for dirt cheap and don't need much.  Its just slow.

Search the net or local store for these items.  As of 2019 these were roundabout the prices.   This is an example of a Good option for basic reloading.  Items, of course, can be substituted that have same function. 
With this kind of setup, you basically have to do all your rounds in the press for each step of the process
Bullet Seating
Crimp (if applicable)
So you are taking in and out dies from your single press alot, wasting a lot of time. 
If you load under 500 per year and have time on your hands to learn how it all works, just do for this option
This is a step up from the "GOOD" setup becasue now, we are dealing with a progressive loader, or press.  This means it has multiple dies on it, and rotates, saving you a lot of time.  You can substitute any parts here for equivalent function.  If you like Redding, or Hornady, you can get their progressive press, for example.
This is a step up in everything.  Not a complete list, just the basic core parts needed 
This is a list of what you "want" if you are a serious reloader.  Again, you can substitute any part for another brand that is same function. 
Notice this list is basically "2" reloading presses.  This is because you want the press from the "GOOD" just for decapping brass.  So you have 1 station for decapping brass and another for loading ammo.  We even have a second powder dispensor because its more convienent and easier to dump for quick changeovers of powder instead of main Dillon powder cylinder.  Pictures of this example, later.
This is the parts list you want to get to if you are loading thousands of rounds per year.  Its the luxury set. 

Of note, people will say the 550C is not the best.  The 650 is, or the 10x, etc, with automatic progressive, automatic case and primer feeder, etc.  Yes that is faster.  Interchange that if your loading 10,000 a year, etc.  550C is more than enough for probably 99% of people out there who shoot.  Even serious shooters. 
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