Defense Loads?
What does same bullet do with some of the popular powders behind it?  Of note:  2 shots in each group were taken from a few YARDS behind line, to get chrono reading.  I blacked out these 2 shots, or 1 shot on most groups to show you.  Its not in main grouping because of Red Dot height.  You move closer or changes point of impact up or down..noticeably.
This is using an xdM OSP 4.5"
I included Sport Pistol just to show that even "fast" burning 9MM powders can make good loads that have energy behind them.  These are ~100 grain bullets

Hard to call a winner.  Perhaps the BE-86 overall, or the Blue Dot, the CFE and the W572 aint bad either.

Power Pistol...that load is hot, way over book.  1440 FPS average, and these are generally 8 shot groups.

On right, that is one of my plinking loads.  Montana Gold 95 Grain HP, using IMR RED 4.6 grains. 1.080.  Thats 10 shots.

I eliminated the Accurate No7 because it fills the case a lot, like the Blue Dot.  I had to back down the Blue Dot from 9.0 grains to 8.5 grains, because the bullet would not seat to desired OAL at 9.0 grains and required too much pressure.  Even using 8.5 grains, it required "extra" pressure to compress the powder to get OAL I wanted. 

I can affirm, that the sweet spot "powders" for 90-124 grain 9 MM Bullets are:
Power Pistol
WIN 572
CFE Pistol
True Blue
Accurate No5
All those offer good velocity, and can fit most bullets in this range without compression of powder much.

Out of all those, I would take Silhouette if I had to pick one, even though it didnt win here.  BE86 probably did.

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