Nobel Sport Vectan BA9
Not to be mistaken for BA9+.  This is somewhat like AA#5, Unique but slower than VV N330.  Its also in the ballpark with Winchester 572. It might be similar to VV N340 also.
Very short stick powder.  Like some VV powders in stick comparison, such as 3N37, however its faster burning than that. 
This has load data from Nobel Sport for 9 MM.  Not much data at all, but it gave us an idea where to start.
I would fathom to guess, 5.5 using the bullet we used, which would be similar to a Rainier 115 grain (long bullet) is near max.  Very close to max.  If we were going to guess, max here would be about 5.6 or 5.7 perhaps.  Its actually pretty close to Nobel Sport Vectan A0, but a little faster burning.  Perhaps its about .3 to .5 grains away in charges "less" than A0, if I was going to guess, for around a 115 grain bullet.  Just guessing, but you, never guess, consult manufacturer, load at your own risk.

Nobel Sport Vectan BA9
**There is very little 9MM Load data for this powder.  Load at own risk.  What we load doesn't mean it will be safe for you. Do not load above recommended manufacturer book maximums, and call manufactuer before you load this in 9 mm at all to get load data.
We compared this to many other powders to see how it would behave.  According to Vectan, they said its similar to Unique, and we believe it is. 

5.5 was tried here.  It yieled normal pressure results, so if we were going to guess pressure, and that is all it is, a guess, this load of 5.5 using this long bullet would probably be in the 33k PSI area.  I would feel comfortable going up to above 6 grains easily with this, in this bullet, but there is no need, because we learned from this test, BA9 is a medium burning powder, and you simply DONT USE medium burning powders in 9 MM to get +P or +P+, or Major. Total waste of time.  You want the slower powders for that, and you would use A0 instead, which is similar to VV3N37 or True Blue.  This is slighty faster burning.  As you can see from the MAJOR page in this site, SW Ult Pistol was terrible for Major because its too fast, and it was a lot of pressure, making the case expand more than needed.  We didn't try it, but we can guess, a faster burning powder than SW Ult Pistol, which this is probably slightly faster, would be an EVEN WORSE choice for MAJOR or +P, +P+.  Etc. 

Make your own comparisons, use at your own risk.  We just wanted to provide some comparo data in case somebody was curious.
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