Nobel Sport Vectan A0
Look at that!  This is not made for 9MM, its made for Shotgun I would imagine.  Its similar to something like 800X for example.

But shotgun powders can all work in 9 MM.  We show many on the site.  Good thing about this powder, is that, it can compress easily.
6.0 Grains
About a little under 7.0 grains fills the case.  But it can compress.  With a long bullet, about as long as an XTP 147 grain, or a Rainier 115 grain (long style bullet), 6.0 compressed so that it loaded to 1.143 instead of a set 1.140.  So it was close.  .003? Acceptable compression. If you ask us
Do NOT use load data from our site, consult manufacturer!  IF we were going to guess, and that is all this is, we would say this powder is similar to TRUE BLUE, SILHOUETTE or VV3N37 in burn rate and load general area.

This is obviously a +p or +P+ load, probably more like +P+ to get 1300 FPS out of this long style bullet. 
You could probably use this bullet to hit MAJOR, just guessing, but it would not be ideal, or good, True Blue or Silhouette or HS-6 completely own that space. 

We like this though..its damn accurate.  Real good.  This is 30 feet away, with stock sights, NO RED DOT.  These are generally 6 shot groups.  To shoot so many bullets in under 1/2" using an XDM at this range of 10 yards?  IS REAL GOOD.  Like damn good. 

Make your own judgements from this sampling.  We loaded 6.0 and 6.5 grains of this....pretty good.
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