Sierra Match King 77 Grain.  A very widely used bullet in AR15's for competitions.  Let us take a look at how it performs with 2 Match Rifles, and some popular loads to compare
SMK 77
White Oak Armament Shilen 5R 20" 1:7.5
These are all 7 shot groups.  None of these groups have first shot out of mag, or last shot out of mag, its 7 shots in the middle of the magazine. 

This is 100 Yards. 

7/6/5 means how many inches the groups were.  7 counts all the shots. 
6 counts the BEST 6 shots out of 7.  (basically, it eliminates that 1 flyer, if applicable)
5 counts the best 5 shots out of the 7.

What is the point of that?  It shows consistency.  Its vastly better than just saying all 7 shots were 1 MOA.  We explained this on another page.  Basically, if you drop 6 shots through almost same hole, and you have 1 flyer, making the group 1 MOA, but the 6 shots are .3 MOA.  That is a good load, at least we think.  You decide.

VV powders...real good.  N140 is wow.  Shooters World 24 grains is a popular load, and we can understand why, its consistenly accurate.
SMK 77
Rock River Arms (RRA)
National Match Rifle 20"
You know what? VV N140 is lights out again, and so is the Precision Rifle load.  Both are top loads with both guns.

This is a consistent pattern.  Generally, what is a good load in another Match rifle, is also good in pretty much "any" similar rifle, especially match rifles with same barrel length. 

This RRA NM has a different chamber than the WOA Shilen, and is generally ~20 FPS slower with same load, even though its 20" barrel. 

Notice how good the Accurate 2230 22 grain load is.  This is one of the best loads using ball powder, you can do in an AR15, period.  It just consistently performs, over and over, out of many AR15's.

Benchmark 22 grains also consistently performs.  That 1 flyer hurt group, but look at the stacking.

This was all in variable 6-9 MPH wind, during on and off rain storm.  And these groups are great
Lets compare
The Shilen is slightly more money than the RRA National Match, and in this test was statistically marginally more accurate overall.  However the RRA shot the best group.  The RRA also had a more standard military style, heavier pull trigger and the Shilen had a match trigger.  So that matters slightly, and over time, these 2 perform very similarly it looks like.

But forget about the Barrels.  This is about Sierra Match King bullets.  

Now you know why its used so much in competitions.  It performs great.
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