Rainier 22" Ultramatch MOD2 testing
This barrel is MOA or better, and we recommend it
Reloader 16
On left 27.2 grains
On right, lower 27.5 grains
Almost Full, but no issue loading 80 grain bullets to 2.250 OAL at all..
22" Rainier Ultramatch Mod 2 224 Valkyrie Barrel.

THIS IS 100 YARDS!! NOT 50!! like my normal tests!!
Almost half the groups are MOA or slightly better.  Nothing lights out.
The best groups, the 88 ELD-M with 23.6Varget, and the 77 OTM Berger using N135. 

Also for referance, the 75 grain FEDERAL did a 1.3" group at 100 yards. 

The 77 Berger OTM seems to be the best bullet I have for AR15.  It shoots lights out in 5.56, shoots slightly lager, but still way sub MOA groups in Valkyrie.  Due to its non VLD design, and higher drag, its "basically" good out to ~800+ yards range supersonic. 

More Rainier UM Mod 2 barrel results....100 YARDS!
More testing.  The Big Game surprised me, a double base spherical powder that literally looks nearly identicle to Accurate 2460, or Accurate 2230 or Accurate 2520 (Spherical).  But its way slower burning than all those.  Maximum load was 28.8 for 80 grain SMK, but this was half way up the neck of case, so I backed off to 28 and it compressed without leaving rings on the bullet ogive. 

PP 2000 MR, people seem to like, but every combination I test it, in every single gun, and this is the 5th barrel, its just high velocity, but not ever among the most accurate, its just "average" accuracy.  If you want average, commercial loaded ammunition similar accuracy, but super high velocity, this is a good choice for sure.

Not impressed with Hornady ELD-M bullets or pretty much any other VLD type bullet.  Too finicky in AR15 auto platform, and suffers from inconsistency for me, across many guns, many barrels, just average results.

the Sierra SMK tends to be more accurate than the 80 ELD-M, noticeably, in the better groups. 

                    200 YARDS


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