Alliant Reloader 15 (100 yards)
There is a reason competitive shooters for so long like and use this powder.  Look at the results.  This is 100 yards.
We have a few half inch groups of the 77 Berger OTM grain bullets, and then we have some very good groups with the 69 grain Sierra match Kings.  This powder performs, loads like and is perhaps "nearly" identical to Norma 203B. 

This is a top tier powder for heavier bullets in 5.56, without question.  However it is a poor choice for 50-60 grain bullets because it is too bulky and you cannot get enough powder in the case.

.35" out of an AR15 at 100 yards, is quite top tier on this planet if you ask us. 
Some of the loads we tried
Just because these loads worked for us, doesn't mean it will work for you and many are above BOOK, so we don't recommend you even try them. 
Now you know why RL15 is top choice in competitions.  Every single load here is sub MOA. 

Norma 203B is basically "almost" the same powder as this or extremely similar, similar loads yeild similar results.
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