Nosler RDF
Ok.  Let me say, I am impressed with Nosler.  They have somebody working there, that thought things out.  They actually designed a bullet that can be "completely" tuned in an AR15.  I applaud Nosler.  Nobody else did this.  Not Sierra, not Berger, not Hornady.  ONLY Nosler that I am aware of.  you see, these 85 grain RDF's?  They jam into the lands of the barrel in UNDER MAGAZINE LENGTH.  So I can tune it.  I can choose to jam the lands, I can do 0 distance, I can do 10k, I can do 50k, I can do 30k, I can do 11k. I can do anything I want.  THANK YOU NOSLER, you win. 

Aw, look at that.  We learned some things here.
#1 Valkyrie is not as forgiving of a caliber/chamber as 5.56.  Nowhere near.  Its picky.  But, if you find the right combination, you have easily SUB MOA shooting with the right barrel. That was a WOA 1:6.5 24" Barrel there.

Let me say this one more time.  THANK YOU NOSLER, you are smart.  Smarter than Sierra, Berger or Hornady.  Thank you for understanding that Valkyrie is designed for primary use in AR15's, thus its practical to choose a bullet design that hits the lands in MAG length or UNDER.  SMART.  I will continue to buy from you, support your smart company. 

This is all from 50 Yards.
RDF did better overall?
Why did it do better?   Perhaps its because the bullet jump is so much less than all the other 80 grain and higher bullets?  THese are about 5k jump.  That one that says 2.290 is error, that would be jamming the lands over 45k.  LOL
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