Hodgdon CFE223 (100 yards)
Ball Powder.  Extreme spread is large with most ball powders, and this is no exception.  It has copper cleaning properties in it.  For us, his powder results are too inconsistent, probably due to the large extreme spreads, even with the most care precision loads.
Its a good powder for just having fun, with range time, as you can see, near 1" groups is vastly, good enough.

This powder is also higher velocity than most other 5.56 powders.  As you can see, we drove the 55 grain bullet so fast, the extreme spread went up to 3450 FPS, and that was not stable, leading to hits OFF this target, and a 4" group.  And this is a 1:8 twist barrel too. 

2750 FPS using the Berger 77 OTM is quite high as well.  You can fit a lot of powder in the case, so it can be loaded using 40-95 grain bullets, and is VERY versatile.   

This is all at 100 yards.
Some of the loads we tried
Some of these are over book, so we don't recommend you do this.  Accuracy went bad with higher pressure anyway. 
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