Accurate 2520 (100 yards)
For 5.56, this one is versatile powder, one of the MOST versatile, because its a ball powder and you can fit a lot in the case.  You could use this for 50-95 grain bullets and probably get above average results.  The downside to this powder is its temperature sensitive ball powder, that has larger extreme spreads than all stick powders.  So because of that, this is not a top choice for 500+ yard long range shooting accuracy.  But for about 500 and under?  Good choice! 
This powder does very great velocity for heavy bullets.  2760 FPS with Berger 77 OTM, without big brass damage is impressive.  That load did have ejector marks on it though, as its a hot load, a NATO load at least.

There are not too many powders as versatile as this, that can do sub MOA consistently across different weight bullets.

Inexpensive, readily available, versatile.  This is a very good choice for your "total" 5.56 needs.

This is all at 100 yards.

Some of the loads we tried
Some loads are over maximum book, so please do not try.  Powder likes the Berger Bullets, very consistent and accurate.
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