9 MM Pistol Powders
Click on each Powder picture to see detailed explainations, video, load data, shot groupings and more!  We tested over 30 powders that can be used for 9MM.
Vihtavuori 3N37
Similar to Ramshot Silhouette
Hodgdon HS-6
Excellent all around powder
Hodgdon CFE Pistol
Excellent all around powder
Vihtavuori N340
Bulky stick powder, great for 9 MM
Ramshot True Blue
This is a top choice in 9 MM
Vihtavuori N330
All around good 9MM Powder
Hodgdon Titegroup
The economical competition powder
Ramshot Silhouette
This is a top choice for 9 MM
Accurate #5
Very fine powder, dense.
Accurate #7
Slower Powder than most others here, very dense powder
Winchester Autocomp (WAC)
Very similar to CFE Pistol in performance
Alliant BE-86
Similar to Power Pistol, but multitudes less muzzle flash
Lovex D037.1
Similar to Accurate #7, a slower 9 MM pistol powder.  Very dense, alot fits in case
Vihtavuori N350
Similar to 3N37 in performance, but larger stick, so less fits in case
Alliant Unique
One of the most popular Pistol powders in the world, but is it good for 9 MM?
Alliant Bullseye
A faster pistol powder that requires smaller charges
Alliant Blue Dot
Perfect for beginner reloaders in 9MM
Vihtavuori N320
The premium competition powder
Alliant Power Pistol
The high performance powder..
Accurate #2
A fast burning powder
Lovex D032
A fast burning powder
Alliant Herco
Used to be favored 9MM performance
IMR Blue
Slower burning powder
IMR Target
A fast burning competition powder
Lovex D036-07
All around 9MM powder
Winchester 244
Fast burning, copper reducer
Alliant Sport Pistol
Fast burning popular powder
Hodgedon HP38
Fast burning pistol powder
Winchester 572
Slower burning pistol powder
Hodgdon 800X
Slower burning pistol powder
Alliant Red Dot
Fast burning pistol powder
Fast burning pistol powder
Nobel Sport Vectan A0
Slower Burning Bulky Powder
VV 3N38
"very" slow burning pistol powder
Nobel Sport Vectan BA9
Medium to slower burning pistol powder
9 MM Pistol Powder Comparison Tests
You want to know about 9 MM Major?  Minor?  You want to know what a good "fast powder" is?  You want to know about slower powders?  How does X powder stack up against X powder?  This section shows you A LOT of information about 9 MM powders and how they compete against each other using the same brass, same bullet, same OAL, same primer, same gun, same day, same conditions..the only thing that is different is the powder.  When we say same bullet, same case, same primer, what we mean is each case/bullet/primer is weighed to be within generally ~.04 grains and only those are used.  This is our control, to maximize uniformity.  
Performance Summary
All Powders compared, general summary comparison
Defense type loads
Lets take a look at some popular powders in a defense load...
9 MM Major (Open Class)
Here is a whole bunch of "slower burning" powders loaded to 165+ Power Factor using 124 Grain Bullets
Which powder doesn't have a lot of powder blowback and burns more fully so you don't get soot or residue all over red dot or your face?
9 MM Minor (Fast Powders)
How do all these compare at ~130 Power Factor using 124 and 147 grain bullets?
The "BEST" 9MM All around powder is?

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