Hornady 88 ELD-M loads
I have to admit, the CFE223 26 grain load, and near maximum magazine length surprised me when the bullets kept going through the same hole, over and over.    I was expecting much higher SD with ball powder like CFE223 as well, but not today.  I guess spending all that time prepping the brass, and sorting bullets really works...(that was a joke, of course it works)

This is all from 50 Yards.
TAC wins?
A few good loads, but TAC repeated the feat, and multiple OAL's. 

Remember, this is all 50 yards.
Varget is good
CFE group looks good.  But it cannot repeat with consistency.  Varget 23.6 grains is consistently a good load, sub MOA with 5 shot groups, using 2.295 OAL
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