Berger Bullet Loads
I have to be honest, I am not impressed with these Berger 85.5 Hybrid bullets at all.  Hugely expensive and performance is not great no matter what I try.  

One issue possible to why accuracy with these is harder to come by (85.5), is that they hit the lands ~40k past maximum magazine length.    These 85.5 Bergers?  cannot be tuned fully in an AR15.  Simply too far past mag length...

To put this in perspective...go look at the 5.56 pages...look around until you find 1 load that was 1.5+ MOA?  Having trouble?  Because no kidding, you could load up total trash loads with Berger bullets in the 5.56 and you will STILL get near 1 MOA!!  Not in load GOOD loads in Valkyrie using end bullets, you sometimes get 1.5 MOA or worse!!  Look at that 3.3 MOA group?  I have not seen that since I bought some WOLF 5.56 ammo in the 90's for $1 a box, then shot it out of a $600 AR15 in a 10 MPH wind. 

Hey Berger...notice I put these 77 Grain OTM's in Valkyrie and all of a sudden I am SUB MOA AGAIN?  With almost any load I try?  I just rolled the dice and tried 2 random loads and both were under MOA.  So easy?  I load up 70 VLD, I never made a load with it before, I just tossed a random load I guessed at...and its sub MOA? So easily?  Using ball powder? 

This is all from 50 Yards.
Shooters World DID IT
These bullets expensive.  Finally found a decent load, so I think.  25.1 Grains SW Precision Rifle, which is very similar to Varget. 
5.56 Bullets?
Valkyrie for sure...has accuracy problems.  I don't know exactly what it is, but when you put 5.56 bullets in there, designed for 2.260 AR15 in .223, you get WAY better results than ANY 80 grain or better bullet, on average.  These are not tested loads..I just took a GUESS, loaded up some for the first time, shot them, and sub MOA first GUESS OUT.  ITS THAT EASY.    With Valkyrie 80 grain and above?  I can barely get a couple sub MOA on an entire sheet of 10 loads.  Absurd.
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