IMR 8208 XBR (100 yards)
This is one of those powders that has brilliant marketing, but we just can't figure out why people like it so much.  You look at the name its kind of fancy.  8208 XBR. Sounds like some super funded government skunkworks, area 51 stuff.  Then you look at the bottle and its shiney gold with bright lettering. 
But then you actually shoot it and realize its not that super great, and Reloader 15, Norma 203B, VV N140, Varget and SW Precision Rifle are better.  This is just our opinion.  In not 1 caliber I try this, is it competitive with the top tier powders.  Once in a while it makes a few good groups, but look at N140 for example.  Almost every load is good, many different bullets and charges. 

This powder is somewhat temperature insensitive, which is good.  But I never understand why competitive shooters sometimes tell me this is one of the reasons they like this.  When you go to a competition, you get to shoot a bunch of shots before and during, to sight in.  So if you are 50 FPS more or less, you can adjust, so temp sensitively is not that important for competitions.  Its generally important when you get zero warm up and the first shot matters, and its longer than 500 yards range. 

This is all at 100 yards.

Some of the loads we tried
Many over book loads, do not try.  Just because we did it, does not mean its safe for you.  Good for heavier bullets, plenty of velocity.

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