Hornady 80 ELD-M loads
Some good SD with the Varget,, but not great results overall, with these limited loads.  You can see I am learning about the OAL issue with Valkyrie, and so far, there is a correlation between accuracy and being closer to lands...

The StaBall 6.5 isn't really totally fair, its only 3 shots, but they are nearly through the same hole.  The other 2 bullets had huge gashes in them.  I came back after shooting everything, and shot the other 2, which went almost in the same hole, just in another location, away from first group.

Most of these groups have a problem, 5.56 doesn't have that much.  Almost every group has 1 flyer, but take a look...3 bullets in many groups going through near same hole, 1 is touching, then 1 is away from cluster...

I think after shooting now 100 tests, Valkyrie has some sort of chamber issue.

This is all from 50 Yards.
Valkyrie...it can fly all right...its called every group has flyer!
Almost everything has a flyer.  And there is no error here, the crosshairs are nailed, using a 50x Trijicon at 50 yards.  using a LeadSled DFT2.  Very secure. 

The Bison Armory barrel is basically the same accuracy as the WOA, comparable.
More flyers...
That StaBall 6.5 28.8 load was 2 flyers, but they had bent tips from jamming into gun from bad magazine.  I tested again, with good ones, and still got flyers.  Its more like 2 MOA. 

Shooters World & W748 are OK here, MOA.
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