We took 2 AR15's to the range, with 2 different Brass brands.  We loaded up 4 different decent loads.
Here is list of barrels we used:
Proof Research Carbon Fiber 16" 1:8 Wylde
Faxon Match Series Flame Fluted 18" Wylde
We used 4 loads to test with today
  1. Nosler 77 Custom Competition 25.0 grains Shooters World Precision rifle CCI41 Primer
  2. Nosler 77 Custom Competition 24.0 grains Shooters World Precision rifle CCI41 Primer
  3. Sierra 64 Game Changer 24.2 Grains Hodgdon Benchmark CCI41 Primer
  4. Sierra 64 Game Changer 22.5 Grains VV N133 CCI41 Primer
Here is components used on the guns for the test. 
Proof Research Carbon Fiber
Faxon Match Series Flame Fluted
The above used Superlative arms PISTON SYSTEM.
They were both using LPVO Scopes, at 8x Magnification. 

Generally, if you ask a professional barrel manufacturer about PISTON system VS Traditional GAS impingement system they will say PISTON system degrades accuracy, and traditional GAS impingement is superior for accuracy?  Are they right?  We think they are probably right.  The piston systems are so good, the gun runs so clean.
Nosler 77 CC 50 YARDS

Coincidentally, but actually not...24.0 grains of Shooters World Precision Rifle and 77 grain bullets is used by many, many shooters for 600 yard compeitions for many years.  As some of you might know, SW PR, is practically interchageable with Hodgdon Varget.  Both have sweet spot around 24 grains in 77 grain bullets. 

As you can see from the 7 Barrel Shootout, the Proof Barrel is not what we would call "tier 1" accuracy, especially with the piston system on it.  The Faxon, we would call, very good value for money, for the accuracy you get.  .25" at 50 yards is very good in any good.

Starting to notice the Lapua brass is just that so much more accurate yet?

64 Grain Sierra Game Changer 50 yards
A hunting round.  Nowhere near as accurate as the Nosler 77 grain CC, but with several loads under 1 MOA, its good enough for anything. This is not marketed as a match bullet anyway, so to get under 1 MOA in an AR, using 2 different barrels is really good.

Data Sheet
Lots of Sub 1 MOA data!  Lets please remember...these were shot using 8x Magnification only, using Low Power Variable Optics.  
Everyone likes a good graph.

With Lapua & Nammo brass both coming in under 1 MOA using both guns, we can easily say that the 24.0 SW PR load wins, running away.
Does high end brass make a difference?
According to our test, it makes a difference overall of .17 MOA.  We chose nammo because that is good brass too.  But we already know from other tests on this site, that if we did mixed brass, for example, it would not be .17 it would probably be more like .4 inches.  So paying $.59 for 1 brass basically buys you .1 to .2 better MOA accuracy we think.  Its just more consistent. 

Now this entire test doesn't apply to compeition benchrest shooters because they are making each piece of brass exactly the same basically.  But it also doesn't apply, because they are not using AR15's. 

Lapua Brass is probably the best brass you can buy and use in an AR15.  We believe it.

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