5.56 Testing Parameters
This is our method to get consistent results. It took us many months to prep all the brass to get to the point we could test.  We have been using White Oak Armament uppers for near 6 years now.  This is our 2nd one.  Both do consistent sub MOA groups with a myriad of loads.  We like the Predator profile better with the carbon fiber handguard.  Its much lighter than the regular Varmint profile and we do not see any noticeable degradation in accuracy.  The only thing we don't like is the comp on the end is for a 308 because the threading profile. 

We did NOT test every bullet with every powder, because its pointless.  You would NOT buy N140 or N540 to use with 55 grain bullets.   You "could" use Accurate 2230 or Hodgdon Benchmark with 77 grain bullets, but why would you do that when you could use Varget or 10 others that are far better?   So using the faster powders and 77's you will not be able to get the velocity of the slower powders such as Accurate 2520.   And why would you want to use a load that is significantly slower velocity with the same accuracy?  You wouldn't.  You would use the slower powder that is same accuracy and higher velocity, because that will be less affected by wind.  
Federal Gold Medal
AR Match Primers
We chose these primers for all testing...
Berger 77 OTM & 55 Match Target
We chose these to show the most accurate end of the spectrum of bullets.
To be included in our testing, the bullets MUST weight within .02 grains of each other.
Nammo Brass
Full length sized, and they are prepped by chamfering the opening for consistency across the lot. After sizing, and weight sorting, we measured internal capacity which was within ~.1 grains to be included.
Staged and ready
All prepped and ready to load. All have very similar internal capacity.  Yes, each one was measured.
Brand new Brass
We sorted through over 8,000 pieces to get the case capacity and weight within our specifications for each test.
Hornady 75 HPBT
These are probably the best "value" match grade bullets you can buy and very popular for many uses.  Many powders tested with this.
Nosler 77 Custom Comptetion
These are similar performance to Sierra Match Kings, and are very common in High Power competitions.  We we used these on many powders to test.
Sierra BlitzKing
Many powders we tested loads of this as well.  Its a very popular bullet with excellent performance.

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Click Powder Picture for summary information on each one.  Remember please, the results do not "prove" X powder is more accurate than "Y" powder in "your" gun.  The purpose of the site is to create a "reference" to help you select a powder and a suitable charge "area" to get your desired results.  What is more accurate for us, might not be for you.  Accuracy aside, in a 20" barrel, it is logical to assume the velocity achieved with these loads will be at least comparable to a 20" barrel you use.  Not exact, comparable.  This gives you an idea of where to start to get your desired velocity result faster. 
Accurate 2230
Ideal for 5.56.
Alliant AR Comp
Ideal for 5.56
Alliant Power Pro Varmint
Ideal for 5.56
Alliant Power Pro 2000-MR
Slowest burning powder than is applicable to 5.56 (probably)
Winchester 748
Medium burn rate powder for 5.56
Hodgdon H335
Ideal for 5.56
Vihtavuori N133
Ideal for 50-55 grain (lighter/standard) bullets
Vihtavuori N135
Ideal for 55-77 grain bullets
Vihtavuori N530
Similar in burn rate, but slightly slower burning than N133. 
Norma 203B
Ideal for 69 grain bullets.  Very ideal.
Hodgdon Benchmark
Ideal for 50-55 grain bullets.  Perhaps the best?
Vihtavuori N140
Ideal for 69-77 grain bullets 
For lighter bullets 
IMR 8208 XBR
For heavier bullets 
Accurate 2520
Versatile ball powder 
Versatile ball powder
Ideal for 50-55 grain bullets 
IMR 3031
Ideal for lighter bullets, fills case a lot
Shooters World Tactical Rifle
Similar to Accurate 2230/2460
Alliant Reloader 15
Top Tier 5.56 Powder for heavier bullets
Vectan Tubal 3000
For heavier bullets
Hodgdon H4895
Great all around powder
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