This website was made to share our experience with almost every powder you can buy for use in 9MM and 5.56/223.  We have tested all the powders, many bullets, through several guns to see how each powder/bullet/brass/primer perform.  This site does not determine what will be dead accurate and great for merely gives you useful information so you can have a starting work up to what works for you.  We will show you what works for us, and we will list exact specifications of what achieved the result.  We will also do many comparison tests and other tests, to debunk myths and bring reality out into the open.   Enjoy our site.  We made it for you reloaders...

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9 MM Luger & 5.56 x 45  (NATO)

9MM & 5.56 NATO Reloading
For Handgun & Rifle, these two calibers will be known as "the best overall choice possible, until the onset of Laser beam weapons"

What do we do here?
We test 9 MM and 5.56 Powder, Bullet, Primer & Brass combinations to understand what is required for desired results.  For example, if I wanted 1300 FPS in a 115 grain 9MM bullet, what powder is good to do this?  What if I wanted 130 Power factor? What if I wanted 165+ Power Factor?  What if I want to find accuracy? Are their powders that are generally, more accurate that others? What about what is cleaner? Does it matter?  What about rifles? Is a really good load in 1 rifle, also good accuracy in others? We made this site to answer questions.  We are curious.  We made this site so people could find what they are looking for, faster.   You can take our data and apply it as areas to test for yourself.  If it worked good for us, some recipe "near" what we used may work good for you.  But please, work up all loads, do not just "use" our data, it may be unsafe.
We evaluate loads and primers to check and see for pressure..

New nickel plated brass...

We have a lot of variety of rifle bullets to test

We have a lot of variety of popular pistol bullets

We go +P+ with many powders...

@ 100 yards AR-15:  that "works"

10 shots @ 100 yards
AR-15: that "works"
The "best" metering pistol powders are...
of course...spherical powders...we test them all..
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